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Coin Metrics is a provider of crypto asset market and network data. Our data empowers our clients and the public to better understand, value, use, and steward open crypto networks.

Products and Services

CM Network Data Pro

The ultimate aggregate network data set for institutions

200+ metrics for 60+ assets including BTC, ETH, XRP and more
Available end-of-day and block-by-block
Includes novel and adjusted metrics designed to remove artifacts and enhance insights
Detailed definitions, methods, and docs
Delivered via REST or Websocket API
Dedicated consulting, support and more

Community Network Data

Get immediate and actionable insights with our
free community data

Access CM’s community API, download our historical data files or build custom charts for all available assets.

Want to know more? Check our research or use our data to do your own and help the crypto community learn and grow together.

Market Data

Get real-time data and fixed reference rates for
your institution, trading desk or data application

Sourced from the world’s leading exchanges, CM’s market data feeds support a growing list of assets and pairs with real-time, fixed, and historical data all backed by methods and standards set by traditional finance.

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The CM Data Advantage

High Quality

  • Our metrics are accurate and standardized
  • Our methods are transparent
  • We use clear definitions with intuitive nomenclature


  • Our metrics are designed for breadth (number of assets) and depth (number of metrics)


  • We strive for comparability and actionability, with end use goals in mind


  • Accessible through REST or websocket API or flat historical CSV data files
  • Custom integrations also possible


Our Investors

Join us as we build data for the decentralized economy!

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