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Matias Andrade

Research Analyst

Matías is a Cryptoasset Research Analyst at Coin Metrics, where he contributes to the State of the Network newsletter with network and market data insights, as well as long-form original research. Prior to joining Coin Metrics he worked in deal advisory in Peru and studied data analytics at Boston University.

A Look at Stablecoins and Other On-Chain Derivatives

By |2023-03-24T14:02:17-04:00November 29, 2022|Kyle Waters, Matias Andrade, State of the Network|

Crypto market participants continue to recalibrate following the abrupt shocks emanating from FTX’s woes. As we have covered in recent editions of State of the Network, the on-chain footprint of Alameda’s wallets stretched long and far across many crypto assets and blockchains. As [...]

Introducing datonomy™: A Digital Assets Taxonomy

By |2023-03-24T14:08:03-04:00November 8, 2022|Kyle Waters, Matias Andrade, Nate Maddrey, State of the Network, Victor Ramirez|

More than a decade has passed since bitcoin was launched as crypto’s first digital currency. The digital asset ecosystem has grown exponentially in breadth and complexity since then. Coin Metrics counts thousands of coins across our suite of data products. [...]

Through the Blockchain and Beyond: Combining On-Chain and Off-Chain Data with Coin Metrics Charting Tools

By |2023-03-24T14:08:55-04:00November 1, 2022|Kyle Waters, Matias Andrade, Nate Maddrey, State of the Network|

At Coin Metrics, we recently announced new market data capabilities in our charting tools, including exchange and exchange-asset pair metrics. In this SOTN, we walk through some examples where combining  on-chain and off-chain data empowers users to make better insights.

Understanding Crypto Asset Scarcity Through the Data of Forked Blockchains

By |2023-03-24T14:49:31-04:00October 25, 2022|Kyle Waters, Matias Andrade, Nate Maddrey, State of the Network|

In the age of digital technologies, copy-paste, and open-source code, the great innovation encoded in Bitcoin and in later crypto assets was a concept that was alien and absurd in the digital world: scarcity. And yet, opponents of crypto assets [...]

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