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Original Research

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Original Research


Diving deep on everything from the foundational to the bleeding edge

Evaluating a Dollar-Cost Averaged Portfolio

By |November 28, 2023|Matias Andrade, State of the Network|

Dollar cost averaging (DCA) has become a key strategy for investors navigating the unpredictable realms of digital assets. This approach involves regularly investing a fixed amount, regardless of the current market cycle—a simple yet powerful strategy that contrasts starkly with [...]

Checking On-Chain Indicators for Green Shoots in the Digital Assets Market

By |November 21, 2023|Kyle Waters, Matias Andrade, State of the Network|

In this week’s edition of State of the Network, we present a selection of indicators that offer us insights against the backdrop of a recent surge in valuations within the digital assets ecosystem.

November Rally Reaches New Corners of the Digital Asset Market

By |November 14, 2023|Kyle Waters, Matias Andrade, State of the Network, Tanay Ved|

Building on the upward momentum from the previous month, digital asset markets extended their strength into November. This market-wide rally elevated the total crypto-asset market capitalization to over $1.4T, with BTC and ETH climbing over $37K and $2K respectively.

Beta Release: Coin Metrics Tagging Data

By |November 14, 2023|Company News, Product Announcements, Uncategorized|

Unveiling the Coin Metrics Tagging Data: Unraveling the Secrets of Blockchain Addresses The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain is as exciting as it is mysterious. Every day, countless transactions and interactions occur within this digital ecosystem, leaving traces and data [...]

Trusted Exchange Framework 2.1

By |November 1, 2023|Christian Brazell, Dorian Kandi, Kevin Lu, Special Insights, Victor Ramirez|

Centralized exchanges are pivotal in the crypto realm, but their quality varies across diverse use-cases. The Coin Metrics’ Trusted Exchange Framework aims to quantitatively evaluate these platforms based on criteria like transparency, resilience, data quality, and more, leveraging public information [...]


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