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Following Flows III: Measuring Ethereum Miner Activity

By |March 8, 2021|Karim Helmy, Original Research|

Ethereum and Mining The Ethereum community has always had a somewhat strained relationship with miners. The network’s proof of work algorithm, Ethash, was explicitly designed to be resistant to ASIC mining and hence miner professionalization. Since then, the network’s migration [...]

Following Flows II: Where do Miners Sell?

By |February 22, 2021|Karim Helmy, Original Research|

Miners are frequently blamed for causing dips in the price of Bitcoin. These accusations are often unsubstantiated—worse still, they’re sometimes based on faulty metrics that conflate mining pool payouts with miner spending, ultimately misleading their users. Accurately assessing the degree [...]

Bitcoin: An Unprecedented Experiment in Fair Distribution (Full Length)

By |November 10, 2020|Lucas Nuzzi, Original Research|

Much has been written about the fundamental differences between Bitcoin and other asset classes. In fact, juxtapositions of Bitcoin and established commodities such as gold continue to lure swarms of newcomers into this industry, institutional and retail-alike. But are there [...]


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