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The DeFi Fee Explosion: How YAM’s Collapse Drove Ethereum Fees to New Heights (Full Length)

By |August 18, 2020|Nate Maddrey, Original Research|

On August 12th Ethereum’s total daily transactions fees topped $6.87M, shattering the previous all-time high of $4.55M set in January 2018. The following day, Ethereum had $8.61M worth of fees, once again breaking the daily record.  Blockchain transaction fees are [...]

Introducing the Coin Metrics Quarterly Supply Transparency Report (Full Length)

By |August 11, 2020|Ben Celermajer, Original Research|

Key Takeaways Coin Metrics will release Quarterly Supply Transparency Reports, with today’s Q2 Supply Transparency Report being the first of its kind. This report hopes to bring insight into the supply dynamics of cryptoassets, specifically focusing on the activities of [...]

Derivatives’ Disparities: Surveying the Bitcoin Perpetual Swap Market (Full Length)

By |August 4, 2020|Karim Helmy, Original Research|

Key Takeaways The derivatives market is fragmented and contract terms differ dramatically across exchanges. The quality of documentation in the space varies. We analyzed how each exchange structures their perpetual swaps, which are a type of derivative that approximates the [...]

When Markets Misalign: Mispricings and Reference Rates (Full Length)

By |July 7, 2020|Karim Helmy, Original Research|

Key Takeaways Price discrepancies between exchanges can emerge for a variety of reasons, including market manipulation, exchange downtime, and trader error. These dislocations are aggravated by market inefficiencies that may prevent arbitrage. While market dislocations are particularly common for small [...]

Digital Alchemy: Do Coinbase Listings Turn Altcoins Into Gold? (Full Length)

By |June 23, 2020|Jon Geenty, Original Research|

A review on the impact of Coinbase’s Listings and “Exploration” announcements on the markets of those assets included in the announcements. Key Takeaways A Coinbase listing has historically shown, not surprisingly, to have a positive impact on listed assets’ prices [...]


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