Spotting and Exploiting Market Volatility

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Cryptoasset data has been increasingly amassing the interest of researchers and investors looking to build an edge in the market and inform their trading strategies. At Coin Metrics, we believe that the greatest insights can be generated when data is considered holistically. To that end, we have developed a comprehensive suite of data that includes network data, market data and indexes. 

The following is a case study that highlights how any single data strategy might overlook some valuable insights and opportunities that can present themselves in a holistic data strategy.  

Near midnight UTC on May 10, 2020, Bitcoin saw a rapid selloff that brought the price down to $8,000 from $9,500, an almost 16% decrease in less than 15 minutes.  This move was preceded by a network data alert in the Coin Metrics monitoring system, which allowed for the following market action to be closely observed in real-time.

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Market Insights: Spotting and Exploiting Market Volatility

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