CM Twitter Sentiment Feed

CM Twitter Sentiment Feed is a feed of proprietary sentiment metrics provided through partnership with Social Market Analytics (SMA), a leading capital markets sentiment data provider. Make markets, execute quant strategies, develop indexes or display sentiment data in your applications. 

Why CM Twitter Sentiment Feed?

Due to a lack of universal fundamental valuation methods, crypto markets are prone to volatility and momentum-driven moves. Despite heavy Twitter activity among many cryptoasset investors, sourcing actionable data from Twitter data is hard.

CM Twitter Sentiment Feed is a data feed of sentiment-based metrics powered by Social Market Analytics (SMA). SMA’s proprietary sentiment engine has been used by top quant funds and other firms in traditional capital markets since 2011. And now it’s available for cryptoassets. 

Patented algos target professional investors and measure sentiment. More than 20 different metrics including sentiment score, volatility, volume, and more are packaged into two different feeds: an aggregate feed that makes comparisons to pre-selected baselines (S-Factor) and a raw feed for clients to calculate their own aggregates and baselines (Activity).

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Features of CM Twitter Sentiment Feed


  • Covers 450+ assets by analyzing more than 850 million daily tweets
  • Includes deleted tweets and accounts going back to July 2017
  • Easy access

  • Available through responsive REST API
  • Patented technology

  • SMA is a Twitter preferred partner and one of only five financial firms with access to the full Twitter “fire hose”
  • Behind two U.S. patents in NLP and machine learning, SMA is the leader in textual data analytics in capital markets
  • Intelligent

  • Handles 80+ overlapping tickers to distinguish between cryptoasset and equity tweets
  • Use Cases

    Build and backtest quant strategies

    Make markets

    Use as inputs for indexes

    Integrate sentiment data into your fintech app