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Network Data

The ultimate cryptoasset network data products.

  • CM Network Data Pro is a data feed of insightful, aggregate network data metrics for the top cryptoassets
  • ATLAS™ Search is the most performant and reliable blockchain explorer available
CM Network Data Pro
CM Atlas™ Search
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Market Data

Highly performant cryptoasset market data.

  • CM Market Data Feed provides access to historical and real-time data from over 30 of the world’s leading spot and derivatives crypto exchanges
  • All fundamental market-related data types including tick-by-tick trades, quotes, order book snapshots, candles, and more
CM Market Data Feed
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Coin Metrics Indexes Icon


Institutional-quality Cryptoasset Indexes and Rates.

  • Coin Metrics Bletchley Indexes (CMBI) offer a comprehensive suite of single-asset, multi-asset and unique cryptoasset benchmarks
  • CM Reference Rates represent robust, manipulation-resistant prices for hundreds of assets
  • Calculation agent services are available for institutions wishing to design bespoke methodologies and/or to administer their own indexes
CM Indexes
CM Reference Rates
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Risk Management

A holistic blockchain network risk management offering.

  • CM FARUM™ provides a comprehensive approach to blockchain network risk management
  • Identify and respond to the risks of inflation exploits, transaction reorgs, and network attacks
CM Farum™
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CM Insights

Coin Metrics Insights - Original Research


Original research on crypto topics

Coin Metrics Insights - State of the Market

State of the

Weekly crypto market coverage

Coin Metrics Insights - State of the Network

State of the

Weekly crypto network newsletter


CM Product Principles

Coin Metrics Principles Holistic


Provide a complete array of data products for institutions

Broad Crypto
Intelligence Offering

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Offer structured data
for easy access and use

Normalized and
Transformed Data

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High Quality

Exceed requirements for security and compliance auditing

Institutional quality

Coin Metrics Principles High Touch

High Touch

Provide dedicated client service and access to subject matter experts


CM Investors

Goldman Sach
Castle Island Ventures
Highland Capital Partners
Fidelity Investments
Communitas Capital
Avon Ventures
Acrew Ventures
Digital Currency Group
Collab Currency
Raptor Group
Dragonfly Capital
Morningside Group
Animal Ventures

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