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Coin Metrics was founded in 2017 as an open-source project to determine the economic significance of public blockchains. Today, we expand on that original purpose in the hopes of empowering people to make informed crypto financial decisions.

Our company exists to elucidate truth to accelerate value creation in the new crypto economy.


Our Purpose

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Our company exists to elucidate truth to accelerate value
creation in the new crypto economy.

Our Mission

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We aim to be the trusted partner for crypto economic data
intelligence and innovation. We will do this by organizing
the world’s crypto data to make it transparent and accessible.

Our Values

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Promote transparency and support open, public crypto networks.

We believe in organizing the world’s crypto data and making it transparent and accessible. We are committed to making data available to the community and supporting contributions to open source efforts.


Set the industry standard for
analyzing and monitoring crypto networks and assets.

We’ve been out in front of the category from the start and will continue to be, continuously innovating, and leading the category forward, We are passionately curious and are not simply a data provider, but instead guide the digital finance space with raw, intellectual power and problem solving.


Provide true collaborative partnership to articulate the nuances of cryptoassets.

While we understand the category
better than most, we never pretend to have all the answers and collaborate with the industry and our clients to gain and share new insights about the emerging crypto economy.


Remain impartial in our derivation and analysis of indicators and benchmarks.

All of our data and insights are unbiased. We are deeply committed to the integrity of the space.

Senior Leadership

Tim Rice - CEO

Tim Rice

Cofounder, CEO

Chris Overton - CTO

Chris Overton


Katie Chase - COO

Katie Chase


Shmuel Bulka

General Counsel

Board of Directors

Nic Carter - Cofounder, Board Chairman

Nic Carter

Castle Island Ventures

Tim Rice - CEO

Tim Rice

Coin Metrics

Bob Davis Board Member

Bob Davis

Highland Capital Partners

Matt Walsh - Castle Island Ventures

Matthew Walsh

Castle Island Ventures

Matthew Mcdermot - Board Member

Mathew McDermot

Goldman Sachs

Katy Neate - Board Member

Katey Neate

BNY Mellon

Board Observers

Mark Kraynak - Board Observer

Mark kraynak

Acrew Capital

Terrence Dempsey - Fidelity Investments

Terrence Dempsey

Fidelity Investments

Jodie M. Gunzberg, CFA

Cboe Global Markets

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