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How to use our correlation tool

If you head over to, you’ll see a new addition: time-series correlation charts. There are other places to find cryptoasset correlations: see and sifrdata, as well as the individual charts on onchainfx, but we wanted to build a tool to visualize multiple correlations of major cryptoassets on the same graph.

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Our guide to the cryptoasset research universe: Indices

As new asset classes emerge, parallel information markets spring up to accomodate them. After all, financial markets are simply mechanisms to compensate the informed. Ultimately, markets are information-discovery systems, and it’s no surprise that a huge set of cryptoasset information services have appeared in the last few months to cater to investor demand. is one such entity.

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Announcing our data download page

Here at coinmetrics, we believe in open source everything. That’s our central credo, and it underscores everything we do. We have benefited from a remarkably open cryptoasset information economy, which is quite unique, especially when compared to the regimented and generally closed information ecosystem surrounding equities. Our ideas did not emerge from a vacuum – we routinely bounce thoughts off traders, investors, and academics, and borrow from them. We developed the MTV ratio independently (standardizing transaction volumes by mcap wasn’t a particularly radical idea) but borrowed the nomenclature from elsewhere. We simply seek to innovate and improve upon the quality of cryptoasset research.

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MTV 1 comment on Mean-reversion and reflexivity: a Litecoin case study

Mean-reversion and reflexivity: a Litecoin case study

Litecoin is a remarkable cryptocurrency. Of the seven profiled on, its MTV ratio is among the steadiest (in our sample period of the last two years). Only bitcoin boasts a stabler market to transaction value. (Read our intro to MTV and a handy explainer.) As mentioned in our last article, useful fundamental ratios ought to generally be stable, so that price movements can be compared to the fundamental.

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MTV 2 comments on Why should I pay attention to the MTV ratio, anyway?

Why should I pay attention to the MTV ratio, anyway?

Our very first contribution to the body of research on cryptoassets is one we think will become mainstream as this discipline matures. It has intuitive strength – the market to transaction value ratio makes diverse cryptoassets easily comparable. This ratio wasn’t summoned out of thin air; we put careful thought into its legitimacy and usefulness. Read on for a discussion of why we chose this ratio above all.

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An introduction to MTV

Currency serves as a medium of exchange, store of value, and unit of account. The Market to Transaction Value metric captures its efficacy at enshrining that first property. For a cryptocurrency to intermediate effectively, it must have sufficient on-chain volumes. This reduces spread size and enhances convenience. Of course gross numbers aren’t particularly comparable, so we construct a ratio between transaction volume and market cap. We extract actual transaction volumes from blockchain explorers and construct a time-series metric so you can see how the market cap to volume ratio changes over time.

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Introducing Coinmetrics

Cryptoasset investors often speak of investing based on “fundamentals” rather than hype, sentiment, or technical analysis. However the analytic infrastructure for a rigorous understanding of a cryptoasset’s value relative to another is virtually nonexistent. Equity investors have had 80 years to mull over and refine Graham and Dodd’s principles of value investing, but digital currency investors have had no such privilege.

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