Coin Metrics, a market leading cryptoasset data provider, today announced changes to constituent markets that underpin the CMBI Single Asset Index Series Benchmarks, including:

  • Addition of the Binance.US BTC/USD market to the CMBI Bitcoin Index
  • Removal of the bitFlyer BTC/USD market from the CMBI Bitcoin Index
  • Addition of the Binance.US ETH/USD market to the CMBI Ethereum Index

The changes bring the CMBI Bitcoin Index and CMBI Ethereum Index constituent changes in line with one another, both now composed of 7 USD markets from Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken, Gemini, Bittrex, itBit and Binance.US.

The constituent market changes were proposed by the Index Committee to maintain the most accurate representation of each index’s underlying markets. After independent review, the Oversight Committee approved the changes based on the results of the Coin Metrics’ Market Selection Framework, volume analysis and empirical testing of data. The resulting changes were deemed to improve the robustness, accuracy and quality of the market data that supports the determination of index levels. For more detailed information on the selection criteria, please refer to the Reference Rates v2.4 Release Notes.

Binance.US focuses on delivering robust and healthy markets for our users’ own price discovery–our goal is to be a reliable reference rate for transparent data providers like Coin Metrics” commented Catherine Coley, CEO of Binance.US. “Being added to CMBI Indexes underlines that goal, and we’re pleased to be included”.

About Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics is a leading provider of transparent and actionable cryptoasset market and network data. Coin Metrics delivers mature data across multiple formats to various industry stakeholders, including financial enterprises, funds, media and research outlets, and data/application providers. Coin Metrics’ data empowers people to make informed crypofinancial decisions.

About CMBI

Coin Metrics launched CMBI to bring independent and transparent index solutions to the cryptoasset investment community. In the nascent and often complex cryptoasset market, CMBI Indexes strive to be dynamic and adjust to the rapidly changing market conditions to design and maintain investable products. CMBI Indexes provide markets and customers with industry-leading solutions that aid in performance benchmarking and asset allocation.