CM Prices

Transparent, independent cryptoasset prices

CM offers two prices for over 1,000 assets: CM Reference Rates and CM Principal Market Prices.  All prices are derived using transparent and independent methodologies and leverage data from high quality constituent markets.


Wide coverage universe

  • Over 1,000 of the top cryptoassets
  • Prices are calculated with daily, hourly, one minute, one second, and 200 millisecond granularity with full historical data
  • CM Reference Rates are quoted in USD, EUR, BTC and ETH while CM Principal Market Prices are quoted in USD

Versatile data delivery

  • CM Reference Rates and CM Principal Market Prices are both available through low-latency, high-availability HTTP API
  • CM Reference Rates are available through our WebSocket API

Rigorous construction

  • CM Prices leverage a systematic Market Selection Framework that utilizes a wide set of qualitative and quantitative features to select a unique set of high quality constituent markets for each asset
  • CM Reference Rates leverage an empirically tested methodology that is robust to outliers and market manipulation
  • CM Principal Market Prices meet the requirements of IFRS 13 and FASB ASC 820. Both the price and the identity of the principal market are available

Transparent methodologies

  • Methodologies are publicly available and prices can be reviewed via our community API
  • CM Reference Rates undergo a human review at the close of trading in New York at 16:00 ET

Use Cases

Systematic and quantitative trading

Use our historical prices to represent accurate buy-and-hold returns for backtesting trading models.


Conduct research that requires an accurate, aggregated price that is robust to outliers or market manipulation and performs well during periods of market stress.

Third-party integrations

Integrate our prices in a website, platform, or application.

Indexes and Financial Products

Construct standalone indexes for benchmarking purposes or indexes in connection with a financial product or derivatives contract using our reference rates.

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Use our reference rates or principal market prices for portfolio valuation, accounting, and tax purposes.