The most performant and reliable blockchain search tool available.

CM ATLAS™ search gives users access to raw on-chain data using a blockchain explorer API. Our ATLAS™ API provides a uniform way to query data from various blockchain full nodes using our Universal Blockchain Data Model (UBDM).


Wide Coverage Universe

  • Single interface for the exploration of over a dozen of the top cryptoassets

Highly Peformant

  • Scalable design allows you to search up to 100 addresses at once and returns the calculated historical balance of each address
  • Pagination of the response makes larger queries manageable
  • Responses filtered by account, height or other fields

Versatile Data Delivery 

  • Low latency and high availability HTTP API or websocket API

Resilient Infrastructure 

  • Data input layer with multiple instances of exporters for each asset, redundant local and cloud storage with regular backups, robust telemetry and monitoring, deployed on geo-redundant servers around the globe
  • Data delivery layer utilizes multiple instances to ensure reliability and low latency and is deployed on geo-redundant servers

Use Cases


Use CM ATLAS™ search to query addresses to audit transaction history or account balances


Calculate your own on-chain metrics using our performant API to aggregate certain address balances, transaction history, etc.  

Third-party integrations.

Integrate our CM ATLAS™ API into your application to enable your users to look-up address or transaction information

Tax Reporting.

Combine results from our CM ATLAS™ API with our reference rates to determine your tax basis for tax reporting

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