CM Market Data Feed

CM Market Data Feed provides direct exchange connectivity to 25+ of the world’s top leading exchanges. Get access to real-time and historical trades, candles, quotes, and orders all normalized into a low-latency API. Build a market-leading EMS or structured financial product, perform liquidity or lead-lag analysis, backtest trading strategies, and more.

Why CM Market Data Feed?

Crypto exchange infrastructure is still maturing. A lack of delivery standards, poor documentation, and bandwidth restrictions makes ingesting exchange data difficult. 

Eliminate the burden of your institution running its own exchange infrastructure.

CM Market Data Feed offers trades, candles, quotes and order book data normalized to a standard schema for the top crypto exchanges. CM’s market data infrastructure employs replica extractors, servers, processes, and storage methods to ensure that data ingestion and delivery are uninterrupted and low-latency.

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CM Market Data Feed Methodology
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Features of CM Market Data Feed


  • Covers hundreds of markets across 25+ of the top crypto exchanges
  • Packaged to meet your needs: real-time vs. delayed and with or without order book data
  • Key market metrics

  • Trades
  • Candles (OHLCVP from 5m to 1d)
  • Quotes (top of book)
  • Order book (to 100 bids/asks)
  • All normalized across all markets
  • Robust infrastructure

  • 140ms latency for real-time feed
  • Redundant servers, processes, and storage to ensure data ingestion and delivery are uninterrupted and that trades/orders are properly sequenced and timestamped
  • Easy access

  • Accessible through responsive REST and/or WebSocket API
  • Database sharing also an option
  • Use Cases

    Build an institutional-grade EMS/SOR

    Conduct deep liquidity, fake volume, or lead-lag analysis

    Build and backtest trading strategies