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General Research

Unique crypto insights across a wide range of topics.


Special Insights

From Orange Groves to Orange Gold

July 24, 2023|Kevin Lu, Special Insights, Uriel Morone, Victor Ramirez|

How crypto assets are to be regulated in the United States is a contentious battleground with high stakes implications for the future of the crypto industry. However, participants in the industry contend that the current regulatory framework is ambiguous, unclear, [...]

The Signal & The Nonce

June 13, 2023|Alex R. Mead, Karim Helmy, Kyle Waters, Lucas Nuzzi, Special Insights|

This paper introduces a methodology for determining the market share of every major Bitcoin mining machine, or ASIC, by analyzing nonce patterns and incorporating data sourced from real-world ASICs. Using novel data produced by our analysis, we can generate estimates [...]

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