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Coin Metrics' State of the Network

State of the Network is an unbiased, weekly report informed by Coin Metrics’ own network (on-chain) and market data and is an essential resource for professionals and enthusiasts seeking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and most important developments within the digital assets industry.


From Orange Groves to Orange Gold (Preview)

July 24, 2023|Kevin Lu, State of the Network, Uriel Morone, Victor Ramirez|

Today we are excited to be releasing a sweeping new report that offers a methodology to translate the existing legal language of securities frameworks into objective, measurable criteria derived from blockchain (“on-chain”) data. Below, we give a high-level introduction to [...]

Currents Shift After SEC v. Ripple Summary Judgment

July 18, 2023|Kyle Waters, Matias Andrade, State of the Network|

In a significant development for the digital assets industry as a whole, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York issued a partial summary judgment on July 13th, favoring some of Ripple Labs Inc.’s defense in its protracted enforcement [...]

State of the Network Foundations: Hashes

June 20, 2023|Alex R. Mead, Kyle Waters, State of the Network|

In this week’s State of the Network we return with our Foundations series, which presents various “technical” aspects of blockchain technology in an approachable way. In this week’s issue, we turn to the concept of a hash, one of the core cryptographic elements enabling the [...]

Special Insights

The Signal & The Nonce

June 13, 2023|Alex R. Mead, Karim Helmy, Kyle Waters, Lucas Nuzzi, Special Insights|

This paper introduces a methodology for determining the market share of every major Bitcoin mining machine, or ASIC, by analyzing nonce patterns and incorporating data sourced from real-world ASICs. Using novel data produced by our analysis, we can generate estimates [...]

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