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State of the Network


Reporting on the latest network activity


Introducing New EIP-1559, Miner Flow, and Payment Metrics

By |August 31, 2021|Kyle Waters, Lucas Nuzzi, Nate Maddrey, State of the Network|

Last week Coin Metrics released a major update to our metric coverage including new EIP-1559 metrics, Ethereum miner flows, valuation ratios, and payment metrics. In this week’s State of the Network we do a deep dive into some of these [...]

Understanding Total Value Locked (TVL)

By |July 27, 2021|Antoine Le Calvez, Kyle Waters, Lucas Nuzzi, State of the Network|

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has become one of the industry’s most vibrant topics, with dozens of new projects launching on a monthly basis. DeFi applications essentially enable the creation of financial contracts that are automatically executed. Broadly speaking, these contracts facilitate [...]

Using On-Chain Indicators To Assess The Current Market Cycle

By |June 29, 2021|Nate Maddrey, State of the Network|

The crypto markets dropped again this past week after more news of Chinese regulation, including the PBOC telling the country’s major financial institutions to stop facilitating cryptocurrency transactions, and a Huobi derivatives ban. The markets have now been in decline for almost [...]


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