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Are BTC and ETH Spot Markets Maturing? Assessing the Health of Crypto Market Structure Using Order Book Data

By |October 13, 2021|Kyle Waters, Nate Maddrey, State of the Network|

In just a little over two weeks, October 31st will mark the 13th anniversary of the release of the Bitcoin white paper in 2008. Although the crypto market is still in its relative youth, crypto market structure is rapidly evolving and developing [...]

Digging into Uniswap DEX Data

By |September 28, 2021|Kyle Waters, Nate Maddrey, State of the Network|

Decentralized exchanges (DEXes) have quickly emerged as essential systems to trade crypto assets in the rapidly innovating sector of decentralized finance (DeFi). Powered by the proliferation of new tokens, composable DeFi protocols, and an ever-increasing user base, DEXes are gaining [...]

The Rise of NFTs: A Data-Driven Overview of Non-Fungible Tokens

By |September 22, 2021|Kyle Waters, Nate Maddrey, State of the Network|

The following is adapted from an in-depth, data-driven research report covering the rise of NFTs (   NFTs have become one of the most vibrant sectors of the burgeoning cryptoeconomy. With thousands of different NFT projects and more launching every day, [...]

Introducing New EIP-1559, Miner Flow, and Payment Metrics

By |August 31, 2021|Kyle Waters, Lucas Nuzzi, Nate Maddrey, State of the Network|

Last week Coin Metrics released a major update to our metric coverage including new EIP-1559 metrics, Ethereum miner flows, valuation ratios, and payment metrics. In this week’s State of the Network we do a deep dive into some of these [...]


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