Third Party Terms for Customers

In addition to the terms and conditions of any license agreement for Coin Metrics Inc. (“CM”) data or services (“CM Services”) that CM’s customer (“Customer”) enters into with CM (“CM Agreement”), Customer must additionally comply with the terms and conditions required by third party providers (“TP Data Provider(s)”) that supply data or materials (the “TP Data”) in, to, and/or over the CM Services licensed by Customer (“TP Data Provider Terms”). The TP Data Provider Terms may be included in a separate direct agreement between Customer and the TP Data Provider (“TP Data Provider Agreement”). Customer agrees to notify CM in the event of the termination of such TP Data Provider Agreement. In the event the Customer does not have a TP Data Provider Agreement with the applicable TP Data Provider, the terms included in the tabs below shall constitute the TP Data Provider Terms with respect to the applicable TP Data Provider.

By accessing the TP Data through a CM Service(s), Customer expressly agrees to comply with all TP Data Provider Terms and Customer acknowledges and agrees that TP Data Providers are beneficiaries of CM’s rights and remedies under the CM Agreement. CM may be required to terminate a Customer’s access to the applicable TP Data, without any remedy to Customer if (i) Customer does not comply with the TP Data Provider Terms, (ii) the TP Data Provider Agreement terminates, (iii) the agreement between CM and the TP Data Provider terminates or (iv) in the event CM is so directed by the TP Data Provider.  The TP Data shall be considered part of the CM Services, including with respect to the term of the applicable CM Service(s), and the TP Data Provider Terms shall not supersede (nor shall CM waive) any CM proprietary and/or intellectual property rights in CM’s Services. In the event of a conflict between the CM Agreement and the TP Data Provider Terms, the most restrictive usage obligations shall apply.

Customer may also be required to pay additional fees associated with the TP Data as well as CM’s provision of the TP Data. Customer agrees to pay such additional fees in accordance with the payment terms of the CM Agreement.

Additional terms and conditions required by CM’s TP Data Providers are provided alphabetically by TP Data Provider in the boxes below.
Please click to view the specific TP Data Provider’s terms.

CME Terms

The applicable terms in effect for CME data are the terms on the link below. References in these terms to “Subscriber or You” mean “Customer”, references to “Distributor” mean “CM”, references to “Effective Date” mean the date Customer starts receiving the CME data from CM, and references to “Market Data” mean the CME data CM is providing Customer with access to.