Announcing our Community data upgrade

Today, Coin Metrics is pleased to announce that all of its Community data infrastructure has now been transitioned to our Pro infrastructure. This post will provide details on the transition and what it means for users.

From the perspective of a Community data user, this means a few things:

  • More reliable data
  • Enhancement of metric calculations for several metrics
  • New metric namings and full data dictionary
  • The addition of new assets and the removal of others
  • The launch of a new API

As noted previously, Coin Metrics’ legacy Community API will be shut down on July 15, 2019. If you are an existing legacy Community API user, you are encouraged to switch to the new API (details below).

More reliable data

Community data will now run on our Pro infrastructure. This aligns with the vision we had when Coin Metrics professionalized. This means that all Community data will run on institutional-grade infrastructure and with publication times shortly after midnight UTC.

Enhancement of metric calculations

In the process of professionalizing, the Coin Metrics team did a deep-dive across all of the asset networks we support as well as the metrics. We rebuilt our scraper technology, metric calculation code and ledger data models/framework that resulted to enhancements to many of our existing metrics. With the transition, this will mean slight changes to how Community metrics are calculated; however, we believe that these enhancements will better reflect the intended definition of the metrics and make them more comparable across different networks. The actual changes to the metric values are minimal.

The changes are too lengthy to detail in this post but we remain committed to making this methodology transparent. To that end we will now be publishing a full data dictionary for all Community metrics.

The change to Pro infrastructure also means that all USD pricings as well as all USD-denominated metrics will now be calculated off of Coin Metrics’ own institutional end-of-day midnight UTC CM Reference Rates rather than external sources.

New metric names and full data dictionary

A clear ontology is necessary for making data actionable and understandable.

Transitioning our Community data not only means an upgrade in infrastructure and calculation enhancements but also the introduction of a new naming schema and clear definitions.

All metrics are now named using a logical, hierarchical naming format. The Community data dictionary (available here) now also includes additional meta-data that adds further clarity to the metrics. This includes categories, the unit of measurement, and the aggregation interval of the metric, as well as clear definitions.

The addition of new assets and removal of others

The following assets will be removed:

  • BTCP
  • CTXC
  • ICN
  • IOTA
  • MTL
  • RHOC
  • SALT
  • SRN
  • VERI

The following assets were added:

  • BNB (mainnet)
  • GRIN
  • MKR
  • XTZ

The launch of a new API

Coin Metrics’ legacy Community API will be shut down on July 15, 2019. If you are an existing legacy Community API user, you are encouraged to switch to the new API.

  • The URL of the new API is here:
  • Documentation for the new API is here 
  • The new API will not require an API key and thus will remain open to all (note that you must use the URL above and can ignore the entering of an API key)
  • The new API will however feature different endpoints and thus existing systems will require reconfiguration
  • All Community data (including the API) will remain under a Creative Commons License

Other updates

All charts will now reference the upgraded data. Our data files page will also source the upgraded data. Legacy data file URLs will persist until July 15, 2019.

Thank you for your support! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected]

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