Atlas, CM’s blockchain search engine, has undergone a huge upgrade.  With Atlas v2.0, we’ve updated our underlying universal blockchain data model (UBDM) to support ~150 assets, 10 mainnet chains and counting 

As the number of assets and use cases have grown, new features and modifications to the product became increasingly important to pursue. 

The following assets have been added with this release:

  • Alchemix (alusd) 
  • Digibyte (dgb)
  • Dogecoin (doge)
  • DeFi Pulse Index (dpi)
  • Fantom Eth (ftm_eth)
  • Lido DAO (ldo)
  • PAID (paid)
  • Perpetual (perp)
  • ROOK (rook) 
  • Sandbox (sand)
  • Smooth Love Potion in ETH (slp_eth)
  • StormX (stmx)
  • Vertcoin (vtc)
  • Wrapped Liquid Staked ETH 2.0 (wsteth)
  • Verge (xvg)

In addition, the following new features are available with v2:

Block metadata

  • Adding nonce, difficulty and extra_data fields for proof-of-work assets, which will help for miner tagging.
  • Adding version number.

Transaction metadata

  • Adding transaction size (both physical and consensus size).
  • Adding version number.
  • Adding fee (sum of the value of credits to the fee account in that transaction).

Account metadata

  • Adding the total amounts received and sent by the account. This will be useful to better understand what accounts do at a glance.
  • Add a type field to the account table. Some types are cross-asset (like virtual accounts) others are specific: smart-contract, P2SH/P2PKH,etc..

Balance update metadata

  • Adding a boolean flag indicating whether the update is a credit or a debit of the account. 
  • Adding response fields
    • n_debits
    • n_credits 
    • total_received
    • total_sent 

Stale Blocks

  • Atlas API responses now contain the “stale” field for blocks that are not a part of the main chain. 

Two-Level Accounts 

  • Account Types 
    • We use VIRTUAL for virtual accounts, NORMAL for accounts in account-based chains, UTXO for unspent outputs.
  • Sub-accounts
    • The sub-account value depends on the asset, for Bitcoin, we set it to be the reference of the unspent output it references (so concatenation of a txid + output index).
    • For other assets it might be more rigid with only a few values like FREE (as in freely spendable balance), FROZEN , STAKED, LOCKED, etc.

About Atlas

Atlas is a blockchain search tool designed to standardize and simplify raw blockchain data. It provides a uniform way to query data from various blockchain full nodes using the double-entry accounting format, thereby bridging the underlying intricacies of different blockchain data models. The basis of Atlas is our Universal Blockchain Data Model (UBDM).

To obtain a full Atlas and asset overview, please visit our Data Encyclopedia and Atlas coverage.

ATLAS v2 API Reference:

ATLAS v2 Python API Client spec:

Knowledge Base Docs:

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