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A Glimpse into Coinbase through Coin Metrics’ Data

By |2023-09-26T10:57:28-04:00September 19, 2023|Kyle Waters, Matias Andrade, State of the Network|

Through the lens of Coin Metrics, a wealth of market and on-chain data allows us to build new insights into Coinbase's market stance. In this week’s issue of State of the Network, we highlight pivotal data underscoring Coinbase's current market position.

Evaluating the Market Quality of DeFi Collateral

By |2023-09-06T13:51:51-04:00September 6, 2023|Matias Andrade, State of the Network, Tanay Ved|

In this issue of State of the Network, we use a combination of Coin Metrics’ Network Data (DeFi Balance Sheets) and Market Data to assess predominant forms of collateral in DeFi, examining their unique risk characteristics to understand what makes [...]

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