Unveiling the Coin Metrics Tagging Data: Unraveling the Secrets of Blockchain Addresses
The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain is as exciting as it is mysterious. Every day, countless transactions and interactions occur within this digital ecosystem, leaving traces and data points that can be difficult to decipher. However, what if there was a way to shed light on the obscure, to connect the dots between blockchain addresses and their real-world entities or functions? Presenting the Coin Metrics Tagging Data – a new data set that provides you with a lens to understand blockchain data.

A New Perspective on Blockchain Data
Blockchain technology, known for its security and transparency, has created a decentralized digital landscape that’s reshaping the way we think about finance and technology. But as more and more transactions occur within this digital realm, the need to bridge the gap between blockchain data and real-world identities becomes increasingly important.

Coin Metrics Tagging Data offers a unique solution to this challenge. It allows you to associate blockchain addresses with meaningful labels, making it easier to comprehend the complex world of cryptocurrency. By providing you with a straightforward way to access this vital information, Coin Metrics Tagging Data opens the door to a wealth of possibilities.

Getting Started with the Coin Metrics Tagging Data
Coin Metrics Tagging Data will be able to help those researching the digital asset space through a detailed lens. This data set best completes our Coin Metrics Atlas Blockchain data set. By combining these two tools you are able to analyze the supply of addresses, volume or flow of transactions on-chain and much more. In identifying these addresses bespoke analysis can be done on the economic movements of tokens of risk analysis. 

To utilize our Tagging Beta please get in touch with your Coin Metrics Account Manager or reach out to our Sales team.  

Understanding the API
The Coin Metrics Tagging Data is designed to provide labels for blockchain addresses. Here’s how it works:

To retrieve our catalog of available tags and descriptions, blockchain-metadata/tags 

To retrieve dig further into those details utilize our blockchain-metadata/tagged-entities endpoint as seen in this example below

An Example Scenario
Imagine you’re conducting research on blockchain transactions, and you come across the address 000000000006ec9792c0a516cbeb3b791e862949. This address has piqued your interest, and you’d like to know more about it.

With the Coin Metrics Tagging Data, you can quickly retrieve information about this address. You send a GET request to the API with the address and your API key. In a matter of seconds, you receive the response:

"entity": "00000000000003441d59dde9a90bffb1cd3fabf1",

"location": "eth",
"type": "ADDRESS",
"tagger_type": "COINMETRICS",
"tagger_method": "DETERMINISTIC",
"start_time": "2021-04-24T09:23:53.000000000Z",
"start_block_height": "12302098",
"start_block_hash": "3f18d476b03fca40a128b3a715f2f6da1056cf4dcc9ec24500f7a53acee4733b"

"entity": "00000000000006b2ab6decbc6fc7ec6bd2fbc720",
"location": "eth",
"type": "ADDRESS",
"tagger_type": "COINMETRICS",
"tagger_method": "DETERMINISTIC",
"start_time": "2023-10-12T21:50:47.000000000Z",
"start_block_height": "18337128",
"start_block_hash": "5184d01e7ba0c8769553342bdf66b4a5aabb096ad4f5c754429733613a155ae5"

Now, you have the label “ADDRESS_IS_CONTRACT” and “ADDRESS_IS_SWAPPER”  associated with the blockchain address. You’ve just gained valuable insights into your research. By pairing this with our Atlas data set you can then use this to identify activity in this contract, value flowing in and out of these entities or monitor their real time deposits. 

Coin Metrics OPEN Values
It’s essential to emphasize that the Coin Metrics Tagging Data operates in accordance with our Coin Metrics OPEN Values. The information provided by the API is gathered in a neutral and unbiased manner hoping to elucidate further understanding of blockchain activity and data.

Get Started with the Coin Metrics Tagging Data Today
The Coin Metrics Tagging Data is your gateway to a deeper understanding of blockchain data. With a user-friendly approach and a commitment to ethical data collection, we aim to make your exploration of the cryptocurrency world both insightful and responsible.

If you have questions, need assistance, or want to embark on your journey with the Coin Metrics Tagging Data, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Decode the secrets of blockchain addresses and gain a new perspective on the cryptocurrency landscape with the Coin Metrics Tagging Data.