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Coin Metrics associates are bursting at the seams with creative energy. And CM Labs is just the place to put it.

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Born from our pioneering team and external contributors, our Labs offerings are available to the community under the Creative Commons licence. While these products are not quite commercial-ready, we didn’t want to keep these cutting edge efforts to ourselves. Many of our most popular commercial products have their roots in these innovative community-first efforts.

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CM Mobile App

What started as our CTO’s side-hussle has grown into the best all-in-one cryptocurrency price and on-chain data app available. The app showcases our best-in-class reference rates and network data metrics in the palm of your hand.

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Bletchley Indexes

Named after Bletchley Park, which was the hub for British codebreakers during World War Two, Bletchley Indexes provided the foundation for our now commercial CMBI lineup. While Bletchley Indexes have been decommissioned, we now offer our CMBI indexes via our community API for those experimenting in this space.

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Transaction Stats

Transaction Stats (formerly evolved from Antoine Le Calvez’s independent project to a collaboration between BitMEX Research and Coin Metrics. It provides dashboards highlighting the usage of various advanced Bitcoin features and tracks many important network statistics.

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Data File Downloads

Download most of our historical community data in CSV format for many supported assets. You can even download data for all supported assets as a .ZIP file or TAR file.

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Community API

As our first product, which originated as an open-source effort by our founders Nic Carter, Aleksei Nokhrin and Alex Bich, our community data is accessible for free via our community REST API.  For more information on our API, see our API Docs.  To see which data concepts are available via our community API, visit our Coverage Tool.

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Legacy Charts

Our original community network charting tool has nostalgic value for a lot of our users.  While we actively support and continuously improve new tools, we agree that change is hard and we can appreciate our data’s simpler times, so we continue to make our legacy tool available.

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Market View

For a view of the price impact of various BTC and ETH trade sizes at various exchanges, trades versus our Reference Rates and a few other cool things, check out our Market View using your Market Data Feed API key.

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