Coin Metrics is pleased to announce the version 1.0 release of our CM Prices. Coin Metrics publishes a collection of prices for a set of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies consisting of the Coin Metrics Reference Rates (“CM Reference Rates”) and the Coin Metrics Principal Market Prices (“CM Principal Market Prices”). Now both of our pricing options are collectively referred to as the CM Prices!

An updated policy document and methodology document can be found in our Knowledge BaseThis release includes the addition of several additional cryptocurrencies to our coverage universe and some terminations to our coverage universe. 

Coverage Universe Additions

This release expands our coverage universe to include 87 additional assets. This release brings our total coverage universe to a total of 642 assets. The additional assets are included below.

  • Bonk (bonk)
  • Celo Dollar (cusd)
  • Crabada (cra)
  • DeFi Kingdoms (jewel)
  • Aptos (apt)
  • Altered State Token (asto)
  • Aurora (aurora)
  • Avocado DAO Token (avg)
  • Axelar (axl)
  • Agoric (bld)
  • BreederDAO (breed)
  • Celo Euro (ceur)
  • Clearpool (cpool)
  • ECOx (ecox)
  • Evmos (evmos)
  • Reflexer Ungovernance Token (flx)
  • Franklin (fly)
  • Forta (fort)
  • GuildFi (gf)
  • Index Cooperative (index)
  • IndiGG (indi)
  • Insight Protocol (inx)
  • Multichain (multi)
  • Rocket Pool (rpl)
  • Reserve (rsv)
  • Stader (sd)
  • Saddle (sdl)
  • tBTC (tbtc)
  • Tribal Token (tribl)
  • GMX (gmx)
  • Beefy Finance (bifi_beef)
  • Dopex (dpx)
  • SpookySwap (boo)
  • Binance Beacon ETH (beth)
  • Magic (magic)
  • JUNO (juno)
  • PackagePortal (port)
  • Red Pulse Phoenix Binance (phb)
  • Kishu Inu (kishu)
  • LeverFi (lever)
  • Flare (flr)
  • Hashflow (hft)
  • FC Porto (porto)
  • Polymesh (polyx)
  • Lazio Fan Token (lazio)
  • Atletico De Madrid Fan Token (atm)
  • AC Milan Fan Token (acm)
  • XCAD Network (xcad)
  • SSV Network (ssv)
  • Prosper (pros)
  • REI Network (rei)
  • Kepple (qlc)
  • Dego Finance (dego)
  • VITE (vite)
  • Firo (firo)
  • IQ (iq)
  • FC Barcelona Fan Token (bar)
  • OG Fan Token (og)
  • Hifi Finance (hifi)
  • AS Roma Fan Token (asr)
  • Dypius (dyp)
  • (time)
  • Sylo (sylo) Polkacity (polc)
  • Bitcicoin (bitci)
  • Firmachain (fct2)
  • ONSTON (onston)
  • Vesper Finance (vsp)
  • Arsenal Fan Token (afc)
  • Biswap (bsw)
  • Ellipsis (epx)
  • Nano (xno)
  • DeXe (dexe)
  • Core (core)
  • VEMP (vemp)
  • Cult DAO (cult)
  • Saitama (saitama)
  • Everscale (ever)
  • Baby Doge Coin (babydoge)
  • Dogechain (dc)
  • Karura (kar)
  • Fusion (fsn)
  • Metahero (hero)
  • Oasys (oas)
  • Hooked Protocol (hook)
  • Cocos-BCX (cocos)

Coverage Universe Terminations

The following 5 assets are terminated from our coverage universe due to low volume from our constituent markets token swaps, token rebrandings, or delistings from exchanges.  

  • Hifi Finance (Old) (mft)
  • Huobi Pool Token (hpt)
  • Hxro (hxro)
  • Neutrino USD (usdn)
  • Aion (aion)

About the CM Prices

The CM Reference Rates are published once a day, once an hour, once a minute, once a second, and once every 200 milliseconds and utilize volume-weighted median, time-weighted average, and inverse price variance-weighted median techniques. Common use cases for the CM Reference Rates include research, backtesting, calculating net asset value for investment funds, calculating closing prices for indexes or financial benchmarks, serving as a data source for on-chain price oracles, risk management, indicative intraday values for investment funds and financial benchmarks, and settling financial derivatives.

The CM Principal Market Prices are published once a day, once an hour, once a minute, and once a second and adhere to the guidelines regarding fair value measurement issued by the International Financial Reporting Standards and the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, specifically standards IFRS 13 and FASB ASC 820. The Principal Market Prices identify a principal market for each asset and utilize the most recent price from this market. Common use cases are for fair value measurement, preparing financial statements, and calculating closing prices for indexes or financial benchmarks.

The CM Prices are designed to serve as a set of transparent and independent pricing sources that promote the functioning of efficient markets, reduce information asymmetries among market participants, facilitate trading in standardized contracts, and accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies as an asset class with the highest standards. The CM Prices are calculated using robust and resilient methodologies that are resistant to manipulation and adhere to international best practices for financial benchmarks, including the International Organization of Securities Commissions’ (IOSCO) Principles for Financial Benchmarks. The Coin Metrics Oversight Committee (the “Oversight Committee”) and an independent governance structure protect the integrity of the CM Prices and ensure the CM Prices serve as a source of transparent and independent pricing.

Please contact Coin Metrics through our website or at for more information on the CM Prices.