Coin Metrics Acquires Bletchley Indexes

Coin Metrics is happy to announce that we have acquired Bletchley Indexes. As part of the acquisition, the Bletchley Indexes will be rebranded to Coin Metrics Bletchley Indexes (CMBI).

Indexes and Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics’ mission is to provide transparent and actionable crypto asset market and network (on-chain) data. We’ve previously discussed why indexes matter here but in summary, indexes can promote transparency by providing an overall assessment of the performance of the crypto market and products built on indexes provide investors with an avenue to crypto asset exposure.

Constructing a crypto asset index requires both network and market data. An asset’s supply, for example, can only be truly verified by reading directly from the asset’s ledger. Accordingly, as a trusted provider of both network and market data, Coin Metrics is uniquely positioned to provide investors with high quality benchmark crypto indexes. Additionally, and of equal importance, Coin Metrics’ independence affords us the ability to develop the best index product for our clients, without the conflicts which often exist for asset managers which provider their own index.

“Our aggregate network and market data uniquely positions us to be a trusted independent provider of Index constituent inputs and weightings,” states CEO, Tim Rice.

Bletchley and Coin Metrics

To accelerate our efforts in this area, Coin Metrics acquired the intellectual property of Bletchley Indexes. The Bletchley Indexes founders will remain as advisors to Coin Metrics. Not only is the Bletchley team experienced, they also share Coin Metrics’ vision for the future of crypto as an asset class and our values, namely producing independent data products of the highest quality. We’ve previously discussed our fondness of the Bletchley methodology and approach here.

Bletchley Indexes offer financial managers and investors a crypto-specific benchmark to compare return on investments. Currently Bletchley offer 13 indexes that are rebalanced monthly and include some combination of the top 70 crypto assets by 2050 market cap. You can find more information about these indexes here.

Bletchley Index Creation Dates and Values

IndexCreation DateBase Value USDBase Value BTC
Bletchley 103/18/20171000.1
Bletchley 10 Even3/18/20171000.1
Bletchley 204/19/20171000.08317
Bletchley 20 Even4/19/20171000.08317
Bletchley 4010/18/20171000.018078
Bletchley 40 Even10/18/20171000.018078
Bletchley Ethereum Token6/21/20171000.03617
Bletchley Ethereum Token Even6/21/20171000.03617
Bletchley Total Market12/20/201710000.06
Bletchley Total Market Even12/20/201710000.06
Bletchley Currencies Index1/17/20181000.009149
Bletchley Platforms Index1/17/20181000.009149
Bletchley Applications Index1/17/20181000.009149

“The CMBI indexes will follow both Coin Metrics’ and Bletchley Indexes’ rigorous design philosophy and quality standards to provide investors with independent and unbiased trackable and investable indexes” states Tim Rice, Coin Metrics CEO.



As part of the acquisition, the Bletchley Indexes will be rebranded to Coin Metrics Bletchley Indexes (CMBI) and the indexes will be relaunched in the coming months.

The newly defined CMBI will utilize Coin Metrics’ network and market data while retaining Bletchley Indexes’ historical data and proven index methodology where appropriate. The first CMBI indexes will be market capitalization weighted and provide coverage of the top crypto assets, categorized by size and sector (currency, platform, application).

Smart Beta Products

A unique opportunity for CMBI is the creation of “smart beta” indexes that make use of alternative index construction rules to traditional market capitalization-based indexes.

Following the relaunch, CMBI will leverage Coin Metrics’ on-chain and market data expertise to expand the family of indexes to include such smart beta indexes based on key network metrics.


Coin Metrics will provide you with updates as we integrate and expand our index offerings. If you’d like to stay informed, please subscribe to our newsletter here and check out the Coin Metrics Blog for more in depth research and analysis.

About Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics was founded in 2017 as an open-source project to provide the public with actionable and transparent network data. Today, Coin Metrics delivers market and network data, analytics and research to its community and wider industry.

About Bletchley Indexes

Bletchley Indexes have been providing independent and transparently designed market capitalization and equal weighted indexes since early 2017. Listed indexes provide a benchmark and track the financial performance of crypto assets for investors.

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