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The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain is as exciting as it is mysterious. Every day, countless transactions and interactions occur within this digital ecosystem, leaving traces and data points that can be difficult to decipher and often generate data at a frequency that is hard to manage. When trying to analyze these data points, choices are often limited to the most coarse level of data, aggregated at a 1 day frequency, or the most granular level, presented at a 1 block frequency. While both are important and provide unique insights they do not easily lend themselves to intraday analysis. However, what if there was a way to understand trends and patterns throughout each day, without having to use the most granular frequency of data? Introducing Coin Metrics’ 1 Hour Network Data Metrics – a new way of analyzing well understood metrics to generate new insights.

A new lens on Network Data
As the crypto asset ecosystem grows and expands, understanding trends and patterns at different levels becomes increasingly important. While there is no one size fits all, and no one right way of looking at the data, providing different lenses to apply to the large data landscape of on-chain data allows for nuanced insights.

By offering our Network Data Metrics at a 1 hour frequency, in addition to 1 block and 1 day cadences, Coin Metrics is enabling its clients to create holistic analysis of different networks at the frequency that is right for your use case. 1 hour metrics allow clients to more effectively and efficiently analyze intra day trends. By increasing precision while still offering the benefits of aggregated metrics, 1 hour metrics allow clients to easily query longer periods of time and create actionable and interesting insights based on on-chain data.

As part of this release we are offering our existing real time Network Data clients access to a set of metrics at a 1h frequency that were previously offered at a 1 day and 1 block frequency.  

In the initial release of 1 hour metrics, Coin Metrics is offering a set of 34 different metrics across 5 assets. This initial list of metrics has been chosen to provide coverage of key metrics and allow our clients to get more nuanced insights into top assets. 

Why these metrics matter:

  • Real time/intra day analysis is currently only possible with metrics from the previous day or at a 1 block frequency
  • Allows for a tradeoff between the most granular data (1 block) and the most broad data (1 day) for more precise and efficient analysis

    Endpoint: /timeseries/asset-metrics?assets=<asset>?&frequency=1h&metrics=[List of metrics]

    Details on coverage: See here.

    To learn about this endpoint and the functionality, please visit our data encyclopedia at:

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