Coin Metrics is excited to announce the release of a new set of Network Data metrics focused on Ethereum Slashing and Attestation metrics. As part of this release we are offering our existing real time Network Data clients and FARUM subscribers access to a set of metrics, designed to inform on consensus related activities on Ethereum.  

Since transitioning from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS) during the Merge, Ethereum consensus, the manner in which the valid state of the network is determined, has shifted dramatically, requiring a new set of metrics to capture validator activity as well as rewards and penalties paid to validators. With this latest release, we are enabling our clients to effectively monitor the behavior of the Ethereum Consensus Layer and identify any anomalies. 

This release covers important aspects around validator and attester slashings, attestations, participation and additional metrics to cover the current state of the Ethereum Consensus Layer. These metrics add to our already existing End of Day metrics around validator numbers.

It is important to note that these metrics will be available under the ETH_CL ticker. The ETH ticker will continue to serve metrics for the Ethereum Execution Layer.

Additionally, clients subscribed to our EOD network data will be able to access three new metrics, Full Participation Issuance, Slashed Amounts & Penalty Amounts. These metrics will also be offered to our real time clients.

Why these metrics matter:

  • Easily identify if the consensus layer is having issues finalizing, leading to potential settlement issues across Ethereum
  • Monitor the health of the consensus layer to identify any anomalies
  • Create custom risk monitoring and alerting to feed into your processes to identify potential issues in the Ethereum ecosystem

Endpoint: /timeseries/asset-metrics?assets=eth&frequency=[1m/1d]&metrics=[List of metrics]

To learn about this endpoint and the functionality, please visit our data encyclopedia at: 

How can you stay updated? 

In the coming weeks, Coin Metrics will be closely monitoring the events surrounding the Merge and will continue to publish detailed client communications to ensure you know what to expect. This will include in-depth research, announcements on changes to the Merge timeline, and additional notifications regarding important product changes. In addition to Email and Slack, you can keep updated through the following channels:

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For more details on our Ethereum Merge metric coverage, please visit our Merge FAQ in the Coin Metrics Data Encyclopedia.