Dive Deeper into Avalanche with Coin Metrics: Unlocking High-Quality Data and Insights
Join us as we unveil Avalanche Network Data and Atlas coverage, empowering you to explore the intricacies of each chain with confidence and precision.

Avalanche Networks
In order to generate holistic insights into the Avalanche Network it is important to consider Avalanche’s unique architecture. Avalanche operates on a unique three-chain architecture, each offering distinct functionalities and advantages:


  • Focuses on high-speed transactions and asset transfers with AVAX, the native token.
  • Began as a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology and only switched to a blockchain system in April of 2023.
  • Ideal for fast and efficient movement of funds within the Avalanche ecosystem.


  • Most activity on Avalanche occurs on the C-Chain
  • Compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), enabling seamless deployment of existing Ethereum-based applications and smart contracts.
  • Familiar environment for developers and users accustomed to the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Supports a wide range of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications and protocols.


  • Facilitates staking of AVAX and participation in network validation.
  • Provides governance rights for token holders to influence platform development and decisions.
  • Enables creation of custom subnets tailored to specific use cases and applications.

This architecture offers advantages for different user groups:

  • Users: Efficient asset transfers, access to a wide range of DeFi applications, and participation in network governance.
  • Developers: Familiar environment for building dApps on C-Chain, flexibility for creating custom blockchains on P-Chain.
  • Validating Nodes: Secure staking rewards and influence on the platform’s future.

Overall, Avalanche’s three-chain architecture caters to diverse blockchain needs, from high-speed transactions to DeFi applications and custom blockchain solutions.

Navigate the Avalanche Landscape with Ease:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Access detailed insights for all three Avalanche chains – X, C, and P – through both Coin Metrics Atlas and Network Data Pro (NDP) Metrics.
  • Granular Exploration: Dive deep into each block, transaction, and balance update, powered by Coin Metrics’ Atlas.
  • Effortless Analysis: Reconcile balances, track fund flow, and analyze key metrics like never before using Coin Metrics Atlas.

Harness the Power of Trusted Data:

  • Network Data Pro: Leverage well-established metrics to understand Avalanche activity and trends across a range of use cases.
  • Atlas: Go beyond NDP Metrics and dive into the intricate workings of each chain, from block-level insights to granular transaction and balance updates, all powered by Coin Metrics’ Atlas leveraging the patented Unified Blockchain Data Model (UBDM).

Why this Matters:

  • Confidently analyze Avalanche activity: Gain deeper insights into network activity, user behavior, and market dynamics.
  • Benchmark against other chains: Compare Avalanche metrics to those of established networks using a consistent framework.
  • Unravel on-chain mysteries: Explore transaction-level data, track assets, and reconcile balances with ease.

Ready to unlock the full potential of Avalanche data? Contact Coin Metrics today and start exploring!

Access the Data:

Existing Network Data Pro and Atlas clients gain immediate access to Avalanche data.

Network Data Pro users can access AVAX data through our timeseries/asset-metrics endpoint.

Sample Query: https://api.coinmetrics.io/v4/timeseries/asset-metrics?assets=avaxx,avaxc,avaxp?&frequency=1d&metrics=[List of metrics]&pretty=true&api_key=<your_key>”

Metric Coverage can be found here for Avax X-Chain, Avax C-Chain and Avax P-Chain 

To learn about this endpoint and the functionality, please visit our Data Encyclopedia at: https://docs.coinmetrics.io/asset-metrics/

Atlas users can access AVAX data through 

Endpoints: /blockchain-v2/<avaxc OR avaxx OR avaxp>/<see list of atlas endpoints>

How can you stay updated? 

At Coin Metrics we are constantly innovating and releasing new data and insights. In addition to Email and Slack, you can keep updated through the following channels:

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