Coin Metrics, a leading provider of crypto asset market and network data, has launched a suite of new liquidity metrics that provide a more comprehensive view of liquidity dynamics in crypto markets. The new metrics cover a range of liquidity dimensions, including bid-ask spread, depth, slippage. They are available for a wide range of crypto markets through Coin Metrics’ API, which provides real-time and historical data on over 3,000 crypto assets across more than 40 exchanges.

The new liquidity metrics are designed to help market participants make more informed trading decisions and manage risk more effectively. They provide deeper insights into liquidity dynamics, allowing traders to identify liquidity gaps and optimize execution strategies.

Some of the liquidity metrics that Coin Metrics has released include:

  • Bid-ask spread: the difference between the highest buy order and the lowest sell order for a market, expressed as a percentage of the midprice.
  • Depth: the total amount of buy and sell orders at a given percentage away from the midprice in units of U.S. dollars and the base currency.
  • Slippage: the difference between the expected price of a trade and the actual executed price, expressed as a percentage of the midprice.

Coin Metrics’ new liquidity metrics address a critical gap in the analysis of crypto asset markets, which has been under-analyzed and under-appreciated. They represent a major step forward in understanding the liquidity dynamics of crypto assets, and are expected to help accelerate the growth and maturation of the crypto asset ecosystem.

With the launch of the new metrics, Coin Metrics aims to provide market participants with a more comprehensive view of liquidity dynamics in crypto asset markets. The company believes that the new liquidity metrics represent a significant improvement over existing metrics and will be a valuable tool for market participants looking to navigate the complex and rapidly-evolving crypto asset markets.

Where Can I Get the Data?

The new liquidity metrics are served through our /timeseries/market-metrics endpoint.

Which Metrics Are Available?

We have released the following metrics:

  • liquidity_bid_ask_spread_percent_1m
  • liquidity_bid_ask_spread_percent_1h
  • liquidity_bid_ask_spread_percent_1d
  • liquidity_depth_0_1_percent_ask_volume_units
  • liquidity_depth_0_1_percent_ask_volume_usd
  • liquidity_depth_0_1_percent_bid_volume_units
  • liquidity_depth_0_1_percent_bid_volume_usd
  • liquidity_depth_1_percent_ask_volume_units
  • liquidity_depth_1_percent_ask_volume_usd
  • liquidity_depth_1_percent_bid_volume_units
  • liquidity_depth_1_percent_bid_volume_usd
  • liquidity_depth_2_percent_ask_volume_units
  • liquidity_depth_2_percent_ask_volume_usd
  • liquidity_depth_2_percent_bid_volume_units
  • liquidity_depth_2_percent_bid_volume_usd
  • liquidity_depth_5_percent_ask_volume_units
  • liquidity_depth_5_percent_ask_volume_usd
  • liquidity_depth_5_percent_bid_volume_units
  • liquidity_depth_5_percent_bid_volume_usd
  • liquidity_depth_10_percent_ask_volume_units
  • liquidity_depth_10_percent_ask_volume_usd
  • liquidity_depth_10_percent_bid_volume_units
  • liquidity_depth_10_percent_bid_volume_usd
  • liquidity_slippage_1K_ask_percent
  • liquidity_slippage_1K_bid_percent
  • liquidity_slippage_5K_ask_percent
  • liquidity_slippage_5K_bid_percent
  • liquidity_slippage_10K_ask_percent
  • liquidity_slippage_10K_bid_percent
  • liquidity_slippage_50K_ask_percent
  • liquidity_slippage_50K_bid_percent
  • liquidity_slippage_100K_ask_percent
  • liquidity_slippage_100K_bid_percent
  • liquidity_slippage_1M_ask_percent
  • liquidity_slippage_1M_bid_percent

How Are The Metrics Calculated?

For more information, please consult our liquidity metrics pages in our Data Encylopedia.

About CM Market Data Feed

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