Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) form a core piece of infrastructure in the digital asset ecosystem. They serve as the gateway to the on-chain economy and facilitate the listing, trading, and provision of liquidity across markets without the need for intermediaries. As their importance grows, Coin Metrics is excited to announce support for market data support for the Curve Dex on Ethereum, offering markets, trades and candles data. In addition, Coin Metrics expands their coverage for uniswap to include  Uniswap v1 markets, trades and candles on Ethereum.

With the addition of Curve, Coin Metrics is expanding their DeFi trade coverage by more than 2 million historical trades, covering more than 30 Billion USD historical trade volume and expanding the market coverage by over 195 new markets. Included in this release is support for Curve stableswap v1 and Curve cryptoswap (v2) AMM invariants as well as all versions of Curve’s main registry, metapool factory, cryptoswap registry and cryptoswap factory pools.

Coin Metrics Growing DeFi offering

After supporting multiple offerings around decentralized finance, Coin Metrics is excited to continue to expand coverage in this space. The addition of Curve and Uniswap v1 markets adds on to our existing coverage of Dex market data, which covers Uniswap v2 and v3 on Ethereum as well as Sushiswap on Ethereum covering 1823 markets with coverage dating back to 2020. Additionally, Coin Metrics offers a unique view into lending protocols with the DeFi Balance Sheet endpoint.

By offering this, we hope to unlock insights for our clients into the usage of one of the largest decentralized exchanges, exposing trade level data via familiar API endpoints. For more information on the Usage & Evolution of Decentralized Exchanges refer to Coin Metrics’ State of the Network (SotN) 258


Endpoints:/timeseries/market-trades, /timeseries/market-candles,  /timeseries/exchange-asset-metrics,  /timeseries/exchange-metrics

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