A holistic blockchain network risk management offering.

Coin Metrics’ FARUM™ offering provides a comprehensive approach to blockchain network risk management enabling users to identify network attacks, transaction reorgs, fee volatility risks and unusual network event risks.


Holistic Network Risk Management

  • Alerts for network attack risk, transaction reorganization risk, fee volatility risk and unusual network event risk such as the exploitation of an inflation bug
  • View of past, present and future transaction settlement 

Conventional and Unconventional Data Sources

  • Processed transactions via our Node Exporters and our Universal Blockchain Data Model
  • Unprocessed transactions via proprietary Mempool Collector
  • Information about blocks being mined and/or impending network attacks via our Mining Pool Verifier
  • Mining supply and demand via hashrate rental markets

Flexible Alerting Capabilities

  • Four Alerting Modules, each provisioned via a standalone API endpoint that is maximized for low-latency

Resilient Infrastructure

  • Data input layers with multiple instances of exporters for each asset, redundant local and cloud storage with regular backups, robust telemetry and monitoring, deployed on geo-redundant servers around the globe
  • Data delivery layer utilizes multiple instances to ensure reliability and low latency and is deployed on geo-redundant servers

Use Cases

Minimize Losses.

Minimize losses by determining when you need to extend settlement times or halt network activities for a particular asset

Tune Fees.

Align settlement time expectations with transaction fee expenditures by building alerts to notify you when your fee parameters require an immediate change

Reduce Costs.

Reduce your infrastructure expenditure by eliminating the need to run your own audit nodes

Improve Customer Experience.

Provide transparency on the state of the network to your end customers and create dynamic confirmation thresholds to minimize transaction settlement times experienced by customers

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