Coin Metrics has been offering data and tools to the community since our inception in 2017.   Today, our Community Data Visualization tools are being upgraded.  These new tools bring best-in-class charting capabilities to Coin Metrics’ EOD data.


  • New look and feel for improved usability and metric/asset navigation
  • Excel and PNG download capability
  • “Save” chart functionality with an API key
  • Ability to plot multiple metrics for multiple assets in the same chart
  • Ability to unlock Pro metrics with an API key

You can find these new tools at:

  • Network Data Visualization Tool:  explore our on-chain data (accessible here:  
  • Formula Builder Charting Tool: transform (e.g., add, subtract, multiple, divide) our on-chain data using our powerful custom formula capability (accessible here:  
  • Correlation Tool: create insightful multi-asset correlation charts with single or multiple combinations of asset pairs  (accessible here:

In the works (upcoming enhancements):

  • More Correlation options:  we are working on timing synchronization for cryptoasset and traditional index/asset closes and user choice on the treatment of data gaps
  • Chart Sharing updates:   in the future, our users can share charts with others, regardless of the recipient’s data tier/access
  • Formula Builder enhancements:  we are developing functionality to enable our community users to save formulas for future use

We will continue to make our legacy tool available at

If you are interested in learning more about our new tools, please contact us at!


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