In September 2022, we unveiled our “Put Truth to Work”  brand campaign to bring to life our promise to be the trusted data provider in cryptocurrency and partner in allowing institutional investors to take action in the space with greater confidence. The featured imagery reinforced transparency and received a great response. We have recently updated the campaign to incorporate new imagery that was created directly from Coin Metrics data thanks to Takens Theorem. Takens is a cryptothematic visualist and uses raw data to create beautiful, diverse patterns. His latest endeavor, the “Metrix” project, visually encodes a numeric history revealed on Bitcoin’s public blockchain. Striking visuals are created through simple brush strokes that leverage bitcoin metrics pulled directly from Coin Metrics API data. The results are captivating and it seemed like a natural fit to showcase these images as part of our messaging. 

takens image put truth to worktakens image put truth to worktakens image put truth to work

We invite everyone to learn more about Takens’ project, create your own images, and explore different variants through various key strokes.

The Future of Finance is here and it looks pretty darn good!