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By |2021-10-25T01:03:39+00:00October 25, 2021|Ben Celermajer, Original Research|

The Supply Transparency Report brings visibility to the actions of the key categories of a cryptoasset’s holders that are deemed to restrict supply from the market, as defined in the CMBI Float Adjustment Methodology. The current universe of cryptoassets that [...]

Following Flows III: Measuring Ethereum Miner Activity

By |2021-03-09T01:53:10+00:00March 8, 2021|Karim Helmy, Original Research|

Ethereum and Mining The Ethereum community has always had a somewhat strained relationship with miners. The network’s proof of work algorithm, Ethash, was explicitly designed to be resistant to ASIC mining and hence miner professionalization. Since then, the network’s migration [...]

Following Flows II: Where do Miners Sell?

By |2021-02-23T16:22:58+00:00February 22, 2021|Karim Helmy, Original Research|

Miners are frequently blamed for causing dips in the price of Bitcoin. These accusations are often unsubstantiated—worse still, they’re sometimes based on faulty metrics that conflate mining pool payouts with miner spending, ultimately misleading their users. Accurately assessing the degree [...]

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