Today we launch a new brand campaign to reinforce our commitment to truthful and accessible data. As the crypto economy continues to evolve and adoption continues to grow, it is more important than ever to have a trusted source of authentic and accurate data.  But, in the crypto economy, the veil that hangs between truth and mistruth is thin and can easily cause confusion.

At Coin Metrics, it has always been our mission to embed truth into crypto data and adhere to the highest standards of clarity and precision. Truth is the engine that drives success. With truth comes clarity, conviction, and confidence in decisions, choices, and actions. 

This truth, in the crypto economy, is a working asset—an asset that accelerates value creation.

As traditional investors and financial services players look towards crypto assets, they have high expectations for the reliable, institutional-quality data they need to make informed financial decisions. Coin Metrics has been here to help shepherd them into this space, and now we’ll be their partner in building the future of finance.

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