The CM Reference Rates are currently used by many market participants in a wide variety of use cases where timeliness is critical. Defi protocols, through on-chain oracles such as Chainlink and Pyth, and centralized lenders consume our prices to mark-to-market collateral from users, initiate margin calls and liquidations, and adjust risk parameters as market conditions change. These use cases benefit from the most up-to-date prices possible so that market participants can take appropriate action during periods of intense price movements. The expansion of defi protocols to blockchains with sub-second block times, such as Solana, also increase the need for more timely prices.

Coin Metrics previously offered our Real-Time Reference Rates published at a frequency of once per second for these use cases, and now we have increased our publication frequency to once per 200 milliseconds! For a limited time, we have allowed all subscribers to our Real-Time Reference Rate at one second frequency access to the 200 millisecond frequency. Further details on packaging are forthcoming.

Where can I get the data?

Our Real-Time Reference Rates at 200 millisecond frequency are served through our /timeseries-stream/asset-metrics endpoint. The frequency parameter now accepts the 200ms value.

Which assets and metrics are supported?

The 200ms frequency is supported for our full reference rates coverage universe of over 550 assets and for our reference rates metrics denominated in U.S. dollars, Euro, Bitcoin, and Ethereum: ReferenceRate, ReferenceRateUSD, ReferenceRateEUR, ReferenceRateBTC, and ReferenceRateETH.

Where can I find more information?

Please consult our Reference Rates Overview on our Knowledge Base for more information.

About the CM Reference Rates

The CM Reference Rates are designed to serve as a transparent and independent pricing source that promote the functioning of efficient markets, reduce information asymmetries among market participants, facilitate trading in standardized contracts and accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies as an asset class with the highest standards. The reference rates are calculated using a robust and resilient methodology that is resistant to manipulation and adheres to international best practices for financial benchmarks including the International Organization of Securities Commissions’ (IOSCO) Principles for Financial Benchmarks. The Coin Metrics Oversight Committee and an independent governance structure protect the integrity of the reference rates and ensure the reference rates serve as sources of transparent and independent pricing.

Please contact Coin Metrics through our website or at for more information on the CM Reference Rates.