We are grateful to our sponsors

OnChainFx is a cryptoasset rankings site committed to rigor, transparency, and ethics in rankings. Unlike other rankings sites, OCFX allows investors to account for differences in inflation among cryptoassets, and consistently compare them by their implied 2050 market cap. OCFX sorts assets with a variety of dynamic metrics, which we encourage you to explore. Importantly, OCFX is committed to making their users aware of disingenuous projects which may be vehicles for extracting investor money. Read their statement of intent here.

About sponsorship

Coinmetrics is a free and open source software project, presenting data through our convenient website portal. Individuals seeking to verify our data scraping methods or fork the code can visit our Github.

Coinmetrics doesn’t host ads, and we don’t charge for our service. The website is free to use, including the raw data downloads. Thousands of individuals use this service.

Ultimately running multiple full nodes, scraping and cleaning data, and running a website costs money. In the first few months of operation we subsidized it on our own. But as we scaled up our efforts, added servers and nodes, the costs have become too large for us alone to support.

Thus we accept sponsorships from parties who benefit from our data, especially those using it commercially. We can’t stop anyone using our data, and we believe making it available without paywalls or restrictions is useful for everyone. We simply ask that if you derive significant economic benefit from using our site, you consider supporting us.

We believe that the proliferation of open-source, transparent, and free data about public blockchains is useful for the entire industry. Virtually everyone benefits, but this public good must be subsidized. For that service, we thank our sponsors.

Becoming a sponsor guarantees you a spot in our telegram, exclusive access to the founders, and lands your logo and description on this page. We add more sponsor benefits as the program gains momentum.

If you are interested in joining the list of sponsors, DM @coinmetrics.