Coin Metrics is pleased to announce another expansion to our futures market data. Derivatives are increasingly important to the crypto ecosystem, and we are happy to offer this additional data to our clients. For more information on futures, please check out our Futures Data Primer which provides an introduction to the basics of futures data. In this release of our CM Market Data Feed, we offer data from two additional futures exchanges: CME and ByBit. The futures data currently available for these exchanges is as follows:

  • CME: Real-time contract specifications, trades, candles, and open interest for Bitcoin and Ethereum contracts. Full historical data is available for Bitcoin contracts and partial historical data is available for Ethereum contracts.
  • ByBit: Real-time and contract specifications, trades, and candles for all contracts. Full historical data is available.

Upcoming Releases

In upcoming releases, we plan on adding full historical data for CME’s Ethereum contracts, Bybit’s open interest, funding rates, and liquidations, and more market data metrics derived from our own data. Please reach out if you have any suggestions or requests on other data we could support.

Futures Data Coverage Universe

Our futures coverage universe now consists of 11 exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, bitFlyer, BitMEX, ByBit, CME, Deribit, FTX, Huobi, Kraken, and OKEx. Our datasets cover all futures contracts that trade on these exchanges, including traditional futures contracts that expire, perpetual futures, and exotic futures. In total, our coverage universe now consists of 5,447 futures markets. As new futures markets are listed by exchanges, they are immediately added to our coverage universe and become available through our API.

Trades and Candles

For every market in our coverage universe, we offer tick-by-tick trades and candles at multiple time frequencies. For the exchanges that allow us to query historical data, we offer these data types starting from the inception of the exchange.

Contract Specifications

Futures contract design varies widely between exchanges. Using a combination of human review and the data that we receive from exchanges, we offer harmonized contract specifications for all futures markets in our coverage universe. These contract specifications describe the underlying asset, how it is quoted, the listing and expiration date, the size of the contract, the margin asset, and all other specifications necessary for market participants to understand or enter into the contract.

Open Interest

Open interest represents the number of futures contracts that are currently outstanding and not settled. We poll the open interest at roughly one minute intervals for every futures market that currently trades. In addition to offering open interest as the number of contracts, we also offer open interest converted to U.S. dollars using the available prices on each exchange.


Exchanges which offer futures markets utilize a risk management system that will issue a margin call and attempt to liquidate a market participant’s position before the market participant begins to have negative equity. We offer all liquidation orders and trades that occur due to this system for most markets in our coverage universe, including history where available.

Funding Rates

Funding rates are a mechanism that exchanges use to ensure that perpetual futures trade at a price that is close to the price of the underlying spot markets. For the perpetual futures in our coverage universe, we offer realized funding rates, including history where available.

About CM Market Data Feed

The CM Market Data Feed provides access to historical and real-time data from the world’s leading spot and derivatives crypto exchanges. Our coverage universe currently consists of 1,959 assets, 34 exchanges, 11,101 spot markets, 5,447 futures markets, and 3,487 options markets. We offer a wide range of harmonized datasets such as trades, candles, order book snapshots, several futures-specific data types, several options-specific data types and more. More detailed and up-to-date information can be found at the Coin Metrics Data Encyclopedia. Please contact Coin Metrics through our website or at for more information on the CM Market Feed.