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On data and certainty

Being certain is a lovely thing. Despite what many would allege about the poor finality of proof of work, the relative certainty it provides is part of the appeal. Once that inbound transaction is buried six confirmations deep, it’s almost certainly yours. Of course, even more certainty is achievable with an in-person cash transaction. But you can’t send those over the internet.

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On the difficulty of estimating on-chain transaction volume

We are happy to report that this site is getting quite a bit of attention these days. We never anticipated this when we first decided to put together a public repository of cryptocurrency data.¬†With lots of attention comes lots of trouble. One thing we’ve always worried about is how to carefully present data which is very noisy by its very nature.

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Introducing Coinmetrics sponsorships

We’re writing this post because we would like to formally lay out the Coinmetrics funding model. We have decided to accept sponsorships from individuals and organizations who wish to support our project. Sponsors won’t have control over editorial decisions or the functioning of the site. They will have closer access to the founders and they will get their names on our Sponsors page.

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