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Company News

Coin Metrics Now Publishing Live on Pyth Network

By |2023-03-24T10:09:57-04:00March 23, 2023|Company News, Product Announcements|

Coin Metrics is now publishing our CM Reference Rates live on Pyth Network! Pyth Network is an on-chain oracle that publishes financial market data to multiple blockchains. Now decentralized applications or off-chain applications needing a reliable pricing source via an [...]

Reference Rates Now Available at Sub-Second Frequency

By |2023-02-13T13:49:50-05:00February 13, 2023|Company News, Product Announcements|

The CM Reference Rates are currently used by many market participants in a wide variety of use cases where timeliness is critical. Defi protocols, through on-chain oracles such as Chainlink and Pyth, and centralized lenders consume our prices to mark-to-market [...]

Supplementing our Asset Data with Asset Profiles

By |2023-01-30T12:47:43-05:00January 30, 2023|Company News, Product Announcements|

Coin Metrics now offers Asset Profiles for over 200 assets.  These descriptions supplement our asset metrics data to provide a comprehensive overview of a particular cryptoasset.  The Asset Profile includes the following fields: Asset ID Full name Description Overview Website [...]

FactSet and Coin Metrics Collaborate to Deliver Digital Assets Data and Analytics

By |2023-01-11T08:13:37-05:00January 11, 2023|Company News, Press Releases|

Financial Professionals Enabled to Actively Monitor and Comprehensively Analyze Cryptocurrency Intelligenceacross FactSet’s Enterprise Solutions.  FactSet, a global financial digital platform and enterprise solutions provider, today announced its collaboration with Coin Metrics to integrate the company’s leading digital assets data across [...]

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