Mapping Out The Merge

After years of research and development, The Merge will transition Ethereum to Proof of Stake fundamentally changing the network’s security and economics, and realizing the most significant upgrade since its 2015 launch.

Other Research and Media

To learn more about how Coin Metrics is preparing for The Merge and for other related research check out the links below. We will be updating this page periodically so please check back in from time to time.

Countdown to the Ethereum Merge

Coin Metrics

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Coin Metrics is pleased to share some important updates regarding Ethereum’s upcoming protocol consensus change, commonly referred to as the Merge.

Ethereum Merge Metric Updates

Coin Metrics

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Coin Metrics is pleased to share our second update in a series of announcements regarding our plans for the upcoming Ethereum protocol upgrade, The Merge.

Weekly Roundup 09/02/22

On The Brink with Castle Island

On the Brink with Castle Island

Kyle Waters from Coin Metrics joins to talk about the Merge Is the distribution of stakers on Ethereum something to be worried about? What’s going to happen to ETH issuance post merge?

State of the Network Issue 169

Coin Metrics

Substack Issue #169

With Ethereum’s final steps to PoS engaged, how is the options market pricing in The Merge?

State of the Network Issue 171

Coin Metrics

Ethereum moved one step closer to The Merge on September 6th with the activation of Bellatrix, a network upgrade to Ethereum’s Consensus Layer (CL), also known as the Beacon Chain. In SOTN 171 we analyze the data behind this upgrade and offer some insight into predicting The Merge’s timing.

State of the Network Issue 172

Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics is excited to continue providing data-driven coverage of The Merge, Ethereum’s imminent protocol upgrade. In this piece, we explain the differences between slashing and penalties on the Consensus Layer, and how transaction finality assumptions change post-Merge.

State of the Network Post-Merge Special Update

Coin Metrics

At 2:43 AM Eastern Time at block 15537393, Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work era came to an end, ushering in a new age of Proof-of-Stake Ethereum. In this special update, we share what we saw on the ground at the time of The Merge.

State of the Network Issue 173

Coin Metrics

Ethereum hasn’t skipped a beat since The Merge. In this piece, we walk through some analyses using Coin Metrics’ new staking-related metrics introduced alongside The Merge.


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