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Parker Merritt

Parker Merrit - Customer Success Manager

Parker Merritt is a Solutions Engineer and research contributor at Coin Metrics, where he works closely with clients to cultivate innovative frameworks for analyzing cryptoassets. He also authors the weekly State of the Market newsletter, and specializes in topics such as Bitcoin mining and data visualization. Prior to joining Coin Metrics, he worked in technical sales and studied mechanical engineering at the University of Florida.

SOTM May 18-24, 2023

Past U.S. presidents have harbored hostility towards crypto, but 2024's cast of candidates are coming to consensus on a new view. Last Friday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. took the stage at the Bitcoin 2023 conference, expressing admiration for the asset's ability to circumvent censorship during last year's Canadian trucker protests. [...]

May 24, 2023|Parker Merritt, State of the Market|


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