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Coin Metrics' State of the Market

State of the Market is a weekly newsletter contextualizing the week’s crypto market movements with concise commentary from the Coin Metrics team, rich visuals, and timely data.


Special Insights

From Orange Groves to Orange Gold

July 24, 2023|Kevin Lu, Special Insights, Uriel Morone, Victor Ramirez|

How crypto assets are to be regulated in the United States is a contentious battleground with high stakes implications for the future of the crypto industry. However, participants in the industry contend that the current regulatory framework is ambiguous, unclear, [...]

The Signal & The Nonce

June 13, 2023|Alex R. Mead, Karim Helmy, Kyle Waters, Lucas Nuzzi, Special Insights|

This paper introduces a methodology for determining the market share of every major Bitcoin mining machine, or ASIC, by analyzing nonce patterns and incorporating data sourced from real-world ASICs. Using novel data produced by our analysis, we can generate estimates [...]

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