BOSTON (May 16, 2024) – Coin Metrics, the leading provider of crypto financial intelligence, is pleased to announce that it is supplying its premium reference rate data to GMCI, a new venture aiming to provide the most robust financial services and index products to the crypto asset management community.

GMCI, which is a joint venture between Wintermute and The Block, deploys Coin Metrics’ institutional-grade reference rates to power indices with accurate and transparent digital asset pricing. These Coin Metrics-backed indices include GMCI’s flagship product, GMCI 30, which tracks the price performance of the top 30 crypto assets to help crypto and TradFi investors evaluate their returns, broader market performance, and manage risk. 

“Coin Metrics has been proud to support GMCI with our reference rates from day one due to our shared belief in the importance of robust and reliable pricing data,” said Tim Rice, co-founding CEO of Coin Metrics. “Together, we’re pioneering the next frontier of data-driven digital asset insights, empowering investors with the tools they need to navigate the dynamic crypto landscape with confidence.”

In addition to providing live pricing data, Coin Metrics serves as a 3rd party calculation agent for GMCI to ensure compliance with exchange requirements. Earlier this month, crypto exchange WOO X listed three GMCI Index Perpetual Contracts, becoming the first centralized crypto exchange to launch GMCI L2 and GMCI Meme indices, in addition to GMCI 30. Along with WOO, the Indices have now also been listed on Vertex Protocol


“Through the partnership with Coin Metrics, GMCI is setting a new standard for accurate and transparent index pricing, capturing evolving trends, and providing a strong benchmarking tool for evaluating investment strategies,” said Maarten Botman, CEO of GMCI. “We selected Coin Metrics as real-time pricing partner and our third-party index calculation agent due to their unparalleled product coverage and proven reliability. We really enjoy working with them and delivering superior market insights to the digital asset space.”

Coin Metrics provides transparent, independent, and manipulation-resistant reference rates that are calculated in U.S. Dollars and Euros for over 720 assets. The company’s rates are derived from a multitude of high-quality constituent markets, with a calculation methodology that is fully transparent to all participants and robust to manipulation. In addition, Coin Metrics offers  benchmarks that adhere to the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks and are used by a variety of asset managers and trading venues to power their investment products.

Coin Metrics data is relied on by many top financial services institutions, as there is an increasing need for reliable price data to redisplay to market participants.



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GMCI is an index provider incorporated in the Netherlands, building unique indices with a tested methodology. GMCI indices will be designed and managed by experts from both industry-leading crypto-native and TradFi institutions. GMCI’s flagship index is GMCI 30. Learn more at