With the latest Ethereum network upgrade, Dencun, Ethereum is taking the next major step in its ongoing evolution. In this hard fork, the Ethereum community is rolling out multiple updates, including improvements that unlock Layer-2 scalability and augment security for node operators and validators. For a detailed breakdown of the Dencun hard fork, please refer to our State of the Network #245 in which we break down the changes in detail. As part of this upgrade, Coin Metrics is excited to announce support for relevant changes introduced by the hardfork from day one.

Measuring Blob Space

The major upgrade included in Dencun is the introduction of blob space to unlock Layer-2 scalability. As part of this improvement we have made sure that our existing metrics that would be impacted by these changes capture the new blob space correctly. Additionally, we are excited to announce the release of new metrics to our Network Data Pro clients (NDP), specifically aimed at measuring key metrics surrounding blob space. These metrics are available to our End of Day as well as real time clients.

By offering these metrics, we hope to unlock insights for our clients into the adoption of blob space and its usage from day one of the hard fork.

Changes to Existing Metrics

All changes introduced by Dencun fit into our existing metric definitions and no major changes have been made. The main differences are the inclusion of type 3 transactions in existing metrics as well as ensuring that we count destructed contracts correctly. For details please see the Dencun details document linked below.


Endpoint: /timeseries/asset-metrics?assets=<asset>?&frequency=[frequency]&metrics=[List of metrics]

Learn more about the details on changes to metrics here.

To learn about this endpoint and the functionality, please visit our data encyclopedia at: https://docs.coinmetrics.io/asset-metrics/

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