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When Markets Misalign: Mispricings and Reference Rates (Full Length)

By |July 7, 2020|Karim Helmy, Original Research|

Key Takeaways Price discrepancies between exchanges can emerge for a variety of reasons, including market manipulation, exchange downtime, and trader error. These dislocations are aggravated by market inefficiencies that may prevent arbitrage. While market dislocations are particularly common for small [...]

Digital Alchemy: Do Coinbase Listings Turn Altcoins Into Gold? (Full Length)

By |June 23, 2020|Jon Geenty, Original Research|

A review on the impact of Coinbase’s Listings and “Exploration” announcements on the markets of those assets included in the announcements. Key Takeaways A Coinbase listing has historically shown, not surprisingly, to have a positive impact on listed assets’ prices [...]

Analyzing Stablecoin Supply and Activity Distribution (Full Length)

By |June 9, 2020|Antoine Le Calvez, Original Research|

Key Takeaways The supply and activity distribution of a stablecoin can help us understand how it is used.  The ERC-20 variant of Tether shines as being particularly well distributed amongst its holders. Meanwhile, 6 accounts or less own 80+% of [...]

Cryptoasset Free Float: An Exploration of Supply Dynamics

By |April 6, 2020|Company News, Original Research|

In designing market cap weighted indexes, the primary goal of a benchmark administrator is to provide the most accurate representation of the underlying market through creating a robust methodology and leveraging high quality data. The two primary inputs into any [...]


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